Having excellency as its purpose, ARGO debaters were always present at prestigious competitions nationwide and internationally. Moreover, the members of ARGO Ploiești represented the majority of the students selected to represent Romania in the national team for the World Schools Debating Championship and ARGO trainers are constantly selected as coaches for this team. Three ARGO trainers were judges at the World Schools Debating Championship and, as of 2012, ARGO has the right to vote in WSDC ltd. – the worldwide association which coordinates the World Schools Debating Championship. Our alumni are now successful professionals in law, medicine, economy and management and have graduated prestigious universities from Romania and abroad.

Most important results:

  1. IDAS quarter-finals, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2012)
  2. Top 10 Speaker IDAS, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2012)
  3. Cambridge IV semi-finals, UK (2012)
  4. EurOpen octo-finals , Suttgart, Germany (2012)
  5. ARGO Open International Competition champions, Ploiești (2012)
  6. Eurasian Schools Debating Championship semi-finals, Istanbul, Turkey (2012)
  7. Third place worldwide, World Schools Debating Championship, “English as a Foreign Language” section, South Africa (2012)
  8. Central Open champions, Bucharest (2011)
  9. Cambridge IV finals, Cambridge, UK (2011)
  10. SOAS IV finals, London (2011)
  11. National runner-ups (2011)
  12. Regional Champions (2007, 2010, 2011)
  13. National Champions (2010)
  14. Worldwide runner-ups, Slovenia (2008)
  15. National Public Speaking champions, Timișoara (2007)
  16. Worldwide champions, Montenegro (2007)
  17. Worldwide champions, Russia (2001)