Paul Ardeleanu, ambassador of IRSCA Gifted Education:

I can only find one word to describe the ARGO Uni experience: professionalism. Each time I came to the meetings I felt that the ones debating were ones of the best debaters there are. I looked at them and it was almost incredible to me how well they harness the art of speech and how well they manage to duel in arguments. When I couldn’t find any way to counter-attack an idea, the people of ARGO managed not only to rebut it completely, but even to turn it to their own team’s advantage. Considering the time spent in a group of young talented debaters, the ARGO experience helped me grow in just a few months more than I would have grown in other debating clubs in a few years. I strongly recommend the ARGO Uni meetings to any student!

Daria Mateescu, alumni of the Romanian-American University:

I noticed from the very beginning that debate in ARGO Uni takes place in a relaxed, but at the same time serious manner. It’s the place where you can learn a lot, but in a friendly and open environment. Everybody is equal, everybody had something to learn from each other and, in time, you gain more confidence in your own skills. I recommend debating to any student because it is a novel manner of personal development and self-discovery and, furthermore, ARGO Uni is a great gateway to this world.