High Schools

Mihai Viteazul National College of Ploiești

The first and the biggest ARGO debate club is located in Mihai Viteazul National College. Since the 90’, this debate club benefited from full support of the school. The record of each debater is very precious to us, the college being represented every year by members participating at national and international competitions.

Alexandru Ioan Cuza National College of Ploiești

Being only three years old, this debate club proved an inexhaustible source of valuable debaters. In the same year that the club was created, a debater from this high school joined the Romanian National Team for the WSDC. More than ten students become new members of this club every year.

Virgil Madgearu Economics College of Ploiești

The ARGO club in Virgil Madgearu is one of the newest clubs opened in Ploiești and is host for multiple ARGO events.

Jean Monet National College of Ploiești

The students from Jean Monet involved themselves in the debating activity starting with 2009. We currently have valuable debaters with remarkable national and international records in ARGO Jean Monet.

Saint Andrew Technological College

Starting from 2014, the highschool is doing a good job supporting it’s members to debate whenever is needed.

Toma N. Socolescu Technical College of Ploiești

Even though it’s a trustworthy partner from a long time (hosting numerous event), the debate club is pretty new and successful, winning the local annual tournament of 2016.

Mihail Cantacuzino College

It’s the first debate club outside of Ploiesti and the host of our lovely debate camp that’s happening every year.

Ion Ghica Economics College

In 2015 ARGO had expanded outside Prahova area and created one of the most successful clubs in Targoviste. Ion Ghica highschool is gathering kids all around it’s county and offers them the needs and expertise to debate competitive.