In the beginning, ARGO was a single high school club based in Mihai Viteazul National College from which the whole organization was born. In 1994, teacher Simona Mazilu, founded the first debating club in Ploiești. This was the starting point for a long series of contests with lots of victories such as the winning of the Karl Popper World Debate Championship in 2001. Presently, there are lots of youngsters who were helped by the power of ARGO debate.

In 2004 everything changed with the first team from ARGO going to the World Schools Debating Championship. This eventually reshaped its activity around the most modern debating format for high school: World Schools.

Currently, ARGO oversees debating clubs in three high schools from Ploiești and it has collaborations with two more. These have often joint meetings, trainings and workshops. In the past years, ARGO has worked with over 50 students per year in our Ploiești-based debating clubs.

One of the main elements of our new identity is focused on debating in English. Without ignoring debates in Romanian, we considered that is essential for the benefit of our students to debate in English as much as possible, thus allowing them to be competitive in international competitions.

ARGO Poiești is one of the biggest gathering places of high school debaters in Romania and it has an impressive record of results, at both national and international competitions.

In time we managed to develop something that once was just a simple club into one of the most performant educational programs, well defined and differentiated according to each and every need of our students.