Ciprian Neagu, high school student, 12th grade, CNAIC :

Probably the most important thing debate nourishes is critical spirit. It helps you be more complex in thinking, develop the way you phrase your opinions, analyse what happens each day around the world and all in all, become a better, more informed person. Now you have the information, but what are you going to do with it? What is information good if you can’t present it? Well, debating saves you yet another time. It helps you convey your ideas, build an argument and persuade the people around you. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it’s not. I managed to become President of the School Council, speak before hundreds of people and build a CV that will help me get a well paid job. I managed to meet new people that I can count on, make many friends always willing to help and radically develop my thinking. The way I did it, you can too!

Cătălina Diaconeasa, King’s College of London freshmen:

Debate for me is an opportunity, a fifth ace I can use in various situations. Along the way, it offered me the chance to discover and extend my limits. It was a way for me to develop myself, to gain a better style, to develop my analysis — qualities that helped me achieve my goals. This is why when I decided to apply for more universities in Grand Britain, I could easily write my essay and take the LMAT test (a specialised test for potential law students) thanks to the skills I gained from debating. This is why I think that the years I spent debating helped me get into the university where I wanted to study – King’s College London.

Raluca Stroe, University of Essex, Colchester sophomore:

As an active member of ARGO I often took part in national and international debate competition. For me, these activities represented a way to develop my skills and travel at the same time. Debate gave me trust, a new perspective and beautiful dreams! The reason I finished my first year here at Essex is because of the people of ARGO who taught me to love and succeed in a competitive environment.